U2 on VH1 site + I wanna lemon shirt!

Russell Fuller ([email protected])
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 15:36:29 -0500

Hey! Wz-Up Wirelings? I'm back from jaw surgery, and I'm still swollen, so
I'll be inside a while!! I just wanted to pass this on to you...

Lemon vid. is on episode #97 of PopUpVideo on VH1, but is NOT listed for
this week.
Go to www.spinthebottle.com and get to the PopUpVideo area.

Also...if some of you were not aware...and this sure surprised me quite a
bit...go to vh1's site...and go to the 'inside vh1' icon...then to the
'other events' under the events category. Then go ALL the way to the
bottom...LO and behold! There is U2!!! It's OLD though! Looks like
someone can't take care of their website..heh heh.
Anyways, if you follow the link..you can download some clips of
videos...WGRYWH, MW, or interview from Kmart.

BTW, I had sooo much fun at the Wire party in Austin last Saturday (June
27th). It was awesome to meet all of you...especially the last three people
that my mom and I ended up with! Hi Cyn, John, and...the other one from
Houston...goodness...I forgot your name..don't ask how..I just did, and I'm
sorry!! We found such goodies for GREAT prices in Austin! Woooo-Hoooo!!!

Welp...off to Bonoland...

Kami "ILUVBONO" Fuller

(Anyone have a lemon popmart shirt they wanna sell me?????) Please?

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