YKYAWW...midnight snacks mmmm...

[email protected]
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 20:13:08 EDT

I was making myself a midnight snack last night, and after a few minutes of
singing the song "A Sort of Homecoming" in my head, I walked over to the
refridgerator and realized that there was a magnet on my refridgerator that
said "Homecoming" on it, and then I realized that I am crazy and that I needed
to go to sleep.... I can't believe that I can subconsciously be affected by
random words that are affiliated with U2 songs.....yikes =)
Carrie =)
p.s. I would like to thank my friend Trevor (PlayMoreU2) for finally coming
through for me, even though it took him forever to send me his end of the
trade and the first set of tapes got lost in the mail =)

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