Shaped CD's & Ali Hewson Picture

[email protected]
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 20:45:26 EDT

Hiya.... I have the Adam and Edge shaped CDs, does anyone know where I can
buy the other two? even if Bono and larry don't like to play with the others
;-) Also, has anyone ever transcribed the interviews or know where they come
from? Thanks alot for anyone who answers.
          By the way, I have uncovered a very rare picture of Ali Hewson that
I think you might like to see. To see it, just go to my homepage, and there
is a link to the picture. hehe I hope y'all enjoy ;-P ok here it is...

PS I would also like to say that Carrie (VelvetDres, Pop4Velvet) is a very
good and PATIENT trader! Thank you for your understanding cawwie :)

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