if god will send his angels meaning(my thoughts)

Sanjay Gandhi ([email protected])
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 21:57:56 PDT

heres what i tink;

"See His mother dealing in the doorway"
umm this could do with drugs or prostitution in some parts of the world
women stand outside there apartments and wait for someone

"see Father Christmas with a begging bowl"
At Christmas on downtown streets you can see sometimes a man in a Santa
Cluas suit with a bowl looking for money or food

"Jesus never let me down you know Jesus use to show me the score"
Through the bible Jesus thought his followers (the 12 apostles (sp?) and
since then the followers of Christianity the morals and lessons to live
in this world which i consider "the way" or "the score"

"then they put Jesus in show business now it's hard to get in the door"
I think he's saying that through the movies adn shows adn this adn that
on Jesus his messages got obsecured and hard to understand

"it's the stuff the stuff of country songs"
comparing messages in country songs to the bible?

"but i guess it's something to go on"
everyone gotta believe in something
"it's the blind leading the blond"
it's our politicians leading us, yet there no smarter then us

"it's the cops collecting for the cons"
some police officers in parts of the world are so corrupt that they
ussually keep confescated items like cars or if there is a house search
they steal things.

"it's been a while since we saww that child hangin' 'round this
Christianity is a dwindeling faith i mean there are less followers today

"God has got his phone off the hook babe would he pick up if he could?"
many belive that do to the current state of this world that if there was
a God he really doesn't care this is the reason that it's been a while
since we seen that child....

the first for lines of the song deal with northern ireland i think
"nobody else here baby no one else here to blame"
killing then sayign you did it for what you belive in
"no one to point the finger..it's just you and me and the rain"
but in the end your guilty not your beliefs.. notice how after bombings
in Ireland the weathers ussually overcast in the news footage? i do.
"nobody made you do it. no one put words in your mouth"
your in control of your life no one else not the IRA or UDA
"nobody here taking order when love took a train heading south"
people get sick of the violence, many move to the republic of ireland

man i'm tired i want to go to bed FINISH IT ok

"so where is the hope the faith and the love"
kinda what people said about achtung baby an zooropa after all they are
the three major U2 themes

"whats that you say to me/Does love light up your christmas tree?"
Way beyond me at this point(horny boy goto bed).
But i guess ummmm hehe "what's that you say to me/does love make you
feel free"
is love your drug? do yo understand what i'm saying does it give you
that push to live yeah i have something to live for amongst all this
shit that's thrown at me

"the next minute your blowing a fuse"
doh read ahead sanjay is good for you
this line would refer to what the "shit" does to you

"and the cartoon network turns into the news"
all of a sudden you take everything wayyyyyyyyyyy to seriously
hummm man these lines remind me of me

and as for the following line
"Jesus sisters eyes are a blister... THE HIGH STREET never looked so
i just started reading the bible but i am pretty sure he didn't have a
sister. but i guess it has to do with let's say his followers(or people)
are (blister can equal irritated)irritated by what they see
becuase even the safest places(or Jerusalem) are in bad shape

good night gotta go to class at 8

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