Race/color issues

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 03:46:47 -0500

This whole MJ u2 thing is really getting annoying now. But it brings up
something that I've noticed for a while and that is that there aren't many
black U2 fans. The Popmart I went to was 99 percent white. It may just be my
area (Madison Wisconsin) I don't know but I thought it was odd. The strange
thing is that Bono said something to the effect that white rock was in a
state of total degradation. Then he alluded that Pop was some sort of
inter-racial multi-cultural album. (He didn't use those words or even say
that directly but it was implied). And I think that Pop appeals to a lot of
ethnic groups. I think we'll be seeing U2 trying further bridge that gap in
the future.
They don't just want to be known as a white group for white people. They
want all people to hear their music.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't think I'm being racist I am not. If it sounds
like I am I assure you it was not intentional and is probably due to poor


I run away from writing words.
Words are scary....

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