Popmart DVD Rumor: what else is new?

J ([email protected])
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 12:08:57 -0700 (PDT)

I've seen posts regarding the Popmart DVD and there are even counter
posts to comment on why they don't want Mexico to be the video
released. Rumors, rumors, rumors ..I don't care what website gives
the news. From my unedrstanding, the website tha gave the news wasn't
reputable anyway. The only website I'd belive would be the polygram or
the island records website.

The last "rumor" that came true was that U2 would play in Befast for
the election gig. Otehrwise, all other rumors have fallen.

-The video to be released in May
-The TImes Square gig
-The World Cup Gig
-SPHINX album
-Rather Go Blind Album
-Puff Daddy DYFL Remix
-X-files Sountrack
-Avengers Sountrack
-Live album, new ablum
-Passengers part 2
-Adam and Geri
-TFC concert: the band in DC area

These are just a few of them. Maybe we should start to make a new
thread "Best Wire U2 Rumors."

For me, just like for everyone else there with a little sense between
those ears, any new rumor should be presumed false until proven
otherwise based on the tracxk record of Wire rumors. So I don't buy
the DVD rumor and I don't buy the Gig on Tur De France rumor.

The only thing certain is tht U2 will come up with something in the
future. What, & when is the only question. If they die or break up
tomorrow, they will still come up with something in the future
(tribute albums, unreleased stuff, etc.). That's the only certainty.
Then again, it's not even that certain...

Down with all those false rumors,


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