U2 to remix all their albums!!!!!!!!!

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 19:47:14 -0500

U2 is going to go back and remix all their albums the album titles are as

Boy- will become Man
October-will become November
War-will become Peace
Under a Blood Red Sky- will become Over a Green Ground
The Unforgettable Fire-will become The Forgotten Ashes
Wide Awake In America- will become Sleeping Across the Border
The Joshua Tree- will become The Serious Bush
Rattle and Hum-will become Silence and Sing
Achtung Baby-will become Neglected Adult
Pop- will become Implode

They will be available in a box set. The set is entitled The End of U2.
It is an official release from Island Records. Available only through mail
order the price is 249.95 US funds.
It's only available for a limited time and is a limited edition set. There
will only be 5000 sets produced.

you can order your copy today at


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