Re: "Rather Go Blind"/New album?

Matt McGee ([email protected])
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 21:57:18 -0800

>This morning I read in the local paper's entertainment section that
>Hot Press is reporting a new U2 album entitled "Rather Go Blind" to be
>due out sometime within the next year or so, consisting of mixes of
>live and studio tracks. The songs they mentioned were almost all old
>ones. Now, I know the Cleveland Plain Dealer is not the world leader
>in international music news, so what has anyone else heard on the

The name of the record and the tracklisting may be up for debate at this
point, but it is not bull-ca-ca that U2 have been spending a great deal of
time in the studio with the intent on putting out another record (or two).
Within the next year also seems to be a pretty fair timeframe, too.

I wouldn't bank on only one record with a mix of live and studio tracks.
Two separate albums -- one live and one studio -- are completely possible.


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