SELLING U2?<little long but read>!

[email protected]
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 05:18:43 EDT

I would like to know if anyone think's it is right to sell u2 bootlegs to
fellow fans?

I think it would feel so nice to know that any concert we want , we could
have. I hope I don't get flamed for this but.. Some u2 fans are real selfish
when it comes to their bootlegs! For example, some collectors take so much
pride in knowing that they have something that you don't and they love to rub
it in.<note:i said collectors not just u2 fans>!! If we all stop buying these
boots from people and start demanding to trade .I'm sure prices will drop so
low that they will have no other choice!!

I can understand myself going into a record store and buying a u2 boot for
like $19.99 but not $49.95 and sometimes more!! I'm lucky I met a fellow fan
ANCATDUB online that trades tapes w/ me and even if I have nothing to trade he
will still find a way to trade with me and he is always on time!! I wish many
other collectors can be like him. Well I'm rambling on so I'll go now!

my 2 cents,

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