Mother's Day with Bono

Perez, Michelle ([email protected])
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 07:46:56 -0400

You wrote:
>hey all,
>does anybody have the real audio sound of Bono in a local radio
show in
>atlanta i believe from this year's mother's day
>if you do i will appriciate it if you'll send it to me
>or if you have it on your homepage i would appriciate it if
you'll give me
>the address
            >         thank you
            >            Rotem

Hi Rotem:

I taped this interview and have been offering it to all who wanted a
copy. It was very funny and Bono talked about his family, which was a
nice treat. I do know someone had it up at their website for a while,
but can't remember who or if they still have it. If you can't locate me. I have been trading for it, but if you don't have
anything to trade, we still can work something out.


[email protected]

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