Re: U2 mention in a Pop up video

The Haley ([email protected])
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 07:15:16 PDT

>". Have there been any U2 mentions in other Pop Up Video's?

yes, frighteningly enough, the Pop-up for "In the Navy" by the Village
People made a comment about "U2 dressing up as the village people in
Discotheque" and showed a one second clip of the "disco" vid in a little
window. (which is interesting that those two vids would be associated
b/c in the disco vid, Adam wears a sailor suit and if I'm not mistaken,
there was no "sailor village person" so Adam's attire must be homage to
that song.)
I think there are more POP-up refs but that's the one I was traumatized
enough to remember.
Is it true that there is a Pop-up for Lemon? I have WTSHNN, ISHFWILF and
One, are there any others?

Peace, Love and Vegetables

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