Channel V

Emil Salas ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:09:40 +0800

Just FYI, Channel V actually started life as MTV Asia in the early 90s as
part of Murdoch's Star Network of cable channels in Asia. When they lost
the license for MTV (can't remember why now - think it had something to do
with MTV wanting expand in Asia on their own), Star simply changed the name
of the channel to Channel V, with mostly the same staff and VJs. Of course,
they couldn't use trademarked MTV stuff anymore, so all the shows were
retitled (ie, Headbanger's Ball became House of Noise or something like

Anyway, MTV Asia started broadcasting within a few months, and the two
channels have been competing ever since. I believe MTV has been much more
popular. Can't really compare content, since neither I nor anyone else I
know bothers with Channel V.

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