"Rather Go Blind"

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Wed, 8 Jul 1998 14:02:46 EDT

Hullo Wire,
I heard about "Rather Go Blind" from a local newspaper's entertainment
It says that it will have live tracks of "Mofo", "I will follow" "Gone" Last
night on earth", Until the end of the world", " Discotheque", "if you wear
that velvet dress" (live) and studio tracks-"super city mania", "heavenly",
"universal hymn", "let me understand", "Ready to Give in Medicore", "pretend
to be" and "year 2000 Fantasy"
I dont know if this is true or not, so if anyone has any information please
tell me!
Also, i was wondering if any of you had heard of Bono's movie, The Million
Dollar Hotel, being made? I have a little article on it:

Bono on Film

U2 vocalist Bono is finally making a long-expected foray into feature films.
Bono's already heavily involved in the Phil Joanou-directed film Entropy, in
which Stephen Dorff plays a director making a film about the band.

Aside from extensive use of footage from the band's Pop Mart tour, Bono plays
himself in several acting scenes. Now, the Bono-generated "Million Dollar
Hotel" is set to be the next film by his close friend Wim Wenders, for whom U2
has supplied soundtrack songs in the past. Bono wrote the story along with
Nicolas Klein, who turned it into a script.

The film starts when a billionaire's son dies in a skid row hotel and a
federal agent turns the lives of the miscreant residents upside down to find
out if it was suicide or murder. Deepak Nayar produces and Wenders has begun
casting, with a swarm of hot young actors lining up. Names most often
mentioned for major roles include Milla Jovovich, Edward Furlong, Leonardo
DiCaprio, Winona Ryder and Gretchen Mol.
And i have one more thing: does anyone have a bootleg of the Columbus Ohio
PopMart show?
*I Can't Change the World, But I Can Change The World in Me*

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