U2 hits homreun and Paul McGuinness

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Wed, 8 Jul 1998 17:48:53 EDT

well yesterday on my way to work the radio station here, The Peak, was doing
this baseball music thing in honor of the allstar game being played here in
Denver. And so they were playing different bands and would say "oh this bad
just hit a single" and they would play 1 song from the band and then they
would say this band just hit a triple and would play 3 songs from that band
......well when I got in my car they said "well U2 just hit a home run" and
they played 4 songs in a row since ya know its 3 bases and home so they got 4
songs and played sunday bloody sunday, trip through your wires, i will follow,
and well Im gonna kick myself now cause I cant remember the 4th one :( so
anyway..I thought I would share...THEN

to make my day better at work we were having an instore performance and
autograph signing with a small british band and I was back talking to the
band, their manager, and their tour manager and they asked me what my fav band
was and I told them....U2 of course thanks...and the manager said...yeah? U
like them huh? I said well like is a bit light of a word there ..U can call me
freak and he laughed and said have U ever met them? and I said yes and told a
few stories and he said funny thing...I said hows that and he said well Paul
McGuinness is a very good friend of mine. My eyes lit up and got all bright!
and I was like REALLY!? and he said yeah...too bad I didnt meet U last year
when U went to london to see the band (cause the band is from london) I said
whys that? he said I would of introduced U to Paul and the band. I was like
great tell me this NOW after the fact...and then he said, which got me
thinking, will U be coming over for the shows in europe next summer? I said
U2? and he said yeah..I said well I didnt know they were FOR SURE going to
play and he said yeah they are..I said well then Im there and he said
great..heres my name and number call me when U get there and I will hook U up
with passes etc..Im like that is really nice of U thanks..and so I took all
his info and put it in a safe place, cause well U cant lose it now Nico! and
so its there safe..but the whole thing still boggles me cause well...if he
said they were for sure playin and he says hes a good friend of Pauls then it
looks like we are all ready to start savin money for next summer....

thanks alot Bono for the advance notice here...what did I tell U about advance
notice in Seattle??? boys will never learn will they :)


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