Love From A Short Distance

ajebec ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 15:46:07 +1000

I tried posting this privately but couldn't get it to work (I can never
get those addresses with long strings of random letters and numbers to
work, what's the deal?).

>>Love From a Short Distance', which will be released on an >Australian-produced
>compilation album out early next month on Shock Records.

>can anyone tell me if this release came out?

Hi James.

Love From A Short Distance was released either in late 96 or early 97
here in Australia. I found a copy of it in a second hand shop for $AUS5
(about $US2.40), but haven't seen it elsewhere.

It was released by Shock Records, an Australian independant record
company. Their website is at
Maybe you could contact them and see if they still have copies.

See Ya

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