The Cure v's U2 - it's war BABY!!

Tim Marsh ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 16:02:07 +0800

*Its high noon, a Juke box whines with Western songs, a creaky saloon
door needs oiling and a spinafex blows across two crusty Cow-people
(politically correct terms these days) itching to use their trigger

OK OK enough of that, a good friend of mine is a HUGE Cure fan, and we
have been battling about which band is better (ok ok i know) and we have
decided on a Battle Of The Bands - with 22 categories and an
'independent' judge (she claims to like both the Cure and U2).... Anyway
the idea is that no song can be used for more than one category, no
B-sides apart from the obvious B-side category (well derrrr!). Anyway,
i'd appreciate your help - we have to win this contest - although some
would argue it isn't a fair fight *laughs* so here are the categories:

1) Best 'throwaway' song
2) Best techno song (me thinks Mofo here *laughs*)
3) Most ridiculous song
4) Sexiest song
5) Best suicidal song (don't laugh)
6) Best Pop song (whatever that is)
7) best 'pull at the heart strings' song
8) best love song
9) best worst song *laughs* (ok an oxymoron - their worst song)
10) best single - (not as all the tracks on it but as best song release)

11) best under-rated song
12) best 'easy listening' song
13) best B side
14) best teen anthem (i need help here)
15) best instrumental - (help!)
16) weirdest song
17) best vocal performance
18) most catchy tune
19) best 'anger release' song
20) best song to sing-a-long to
21) best song that slowly builds
22) song that leaves you feeling saddest

Ok there it is - if people could e-mail me with their selection it could
be fun. I can let Wire know if there is interest, about the results and
peoples selections. So the rules again -
a) stick to album cuts (except for obvious categories)
b) only use one song per category
and c) don't ask me to explain each category *laughs*

anyway i thought it might be food for thought for otherwise starving
people *grins*
take care,
back to your regular transmission,
"sees the truth but needs the lie" - Slow Dancin....

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