Edgefest - it's not what you're thinking

Carissa Goisnard ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 09:39:30 +0900

Hello again Wirelings!

 Woah, what a day! Yesterday was Edgefest here in Edmonton. What it is
basically is a big old carnival with like 13 bands (Bif Naked, Green Day,
Foo Fighters, Creed, Sloan, The Watchmen etc. etc etc.) lots of beer; a
mini market place that sold jewelry, art, hemp stuff and freshly squeezed
lemonade; an autograph tent and all these weired games like "Strap Yourself
into a Harness a get Slingshotted off a Trampoline" and " Sit Inside a
Gyroscope and Spin till You Puke"
       Here was something I found rather interesting though. At a concert a
lot of people will wear a concert t-shirt because they 've just bought them
and to support their band, right? Well I saw no less than 50 Pop Mart
shirts ! Were there any Wirelings there? E-mail me! I have pictures!
        On another, slightly more relevant note someone was asking about the
meaning of 'The First Time' My interpretation is that it was written from
the point of view of the black sheep of the family, the one who can't keep
himself together (maybe an alcoholic??) who has just come to realize how
much these people he's so close to have done for him and how little he's
gotten from his father ( who is ???) and how what he has gotten has been
cold and something ... sorry I can't finish this thought. I am really
tired. I'll try and finish it off for tonight's digest

It's been Verry

Carissa Marie

The Lady With the Spinning Head

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