going to LONDON man!

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Thu, 09 Jul 1998 18:22:41 +0200

hi everyone!

as summer is closing in, I'm kicking off with a tour (!) to London next

As I'm from the great state of Norway, I would very much like some info
on where to go in this great great city....anything regarding U2,
bootleg shops, places to hang out, shops to buy cool stuff to wear
around your neck, clothes that would make even Bono throw a second
glance as I passed by him....! ;)

and oh yeah, does ANYone know where the Marquee Club is located (if it
still exists that is!), didn't U2 play there a long long time ago?

thanks for anything, really!

yours POPfully,
asgeir, norway

"no energy, no nothing...it must pop pop POP!" - 5.th element

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