CD Writer Query (with some U2 content)

J ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 09:59:58 -0700 (PDT)

     I am interested in purchasing a CD Writer or CD recorded, I don't
know what you call them. Some even call them a CD Burner. Whatever
it is, I just need some advice on what is a good brand that will give
me the best bang for my buck while still being able to give me
excellent quality CDRs -without 1 second gaps!

     I hope to get one soon and hopefully in the near future, I will
be able to produce my own U2 CDR to make available to Wire. I have a
number of good boots but the main problem is that I can only do tapes.
 I hope to produce a best live versions CD of U2's songs.

    However, since the best versions of most songs usually come from
different concerts, I would just want to know if it is possible to
adjust the volumes and Eq when "burning" CDRs so that the tracks will
have a consistent volume.

    Another thing, just like every other technology and computer
related rpoduct, the longer it is in the market and the more new
innovations arrive, the cheaper the original product will be. And it
will be dramatically cheaper. So, a CD write must be cheap already,



PS for the mandatory U2 content. Here are some tracks I would
definitely put in the CDR i plan to produce (if ever I get a CD writer)

WOWY (Chicago 4/29/87)
Bad (Live Aid)
One (War Child Concert, Modena 1995)

So far, these are the songs I am sure I will include regardless of
what the other songs will be.

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