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Souk D. ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:08:42 -0700

We are gonna talk about this one... not with flames and brimstone...just
discussion. I don't have a whole lot of time right now but I speculate
it has something to do with their huge grasp on the recording industry
or a general open mindedness to foreign music and perhaps they have
different guidelines for album track layouts/limits. As for paying $40
dollars. They may very well be MORE EXPENSIVE over there for the same
thing. Speaking for the US alone, there is a definate attitude of
expectation that big name bands stay with in their genre (even if they
created it themselves). Where as foreign music in Japan has a lot wider
lee way. So it's not that Japan is's that the US is narrow
in its expectations and I think it gets reflected in how promotions and
album publishing is handled here. I can't even get my local "music
difference" radio station to play IGWSHA but they regularly play
(granted good)archaic stuff THEY choose to play even though the
albums/bands are defunct such as "Shelter" by Lone Justice.
I lived in Japan for 3 years and there is an anything goes attitude
towards foreign music where as in the music market you have to be
categorized and only then played if you're considered good in your
  And as for "What have they given us?"...Don't even go there and then
try to retract by saying it's a joke. Choose your words very carefully
if you're going to make a joke that is on the fine line of prejudice.
What have they given us beside pornographic animation? Hmmm... how about
environmentally fuel efficiant cars, the Seven Samurai that inspired a
western movie, how about karate, ukiyoe paintings that inspired Van Goh,
how about electronic goods that you use to listen to U2, how about their
beautiful lacquer and pottery ware and silks? Geez, what thoughtless

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