Re: AB Working Tapes

Lisa Miller ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:11:58 -0700

I'm just the opposite on this subject. I've got the Auctung Baby
Outtakes and I feel guilty as hell. I've only listend to them twice in
the two years that I've had them, because of how Bono felt about them.

I agree with you that it's great to here them working, that's why I love
sound checks so much. I wish that they would have a camera crew in the
studio with them, and release a video, so we can see them putting this
new album together. I feel when you hear them actually working and
putting everything together it makes you appreciate the final product
all the more.

I have on tape from a Willie Nelson special, a song that U2 and him
worked on, and they were showing them in the studio getting all the
lyrics and cords perfect. It's great. Hmmmmmmmmm.....I'll have to look
for that when I get home.

Bye for now,

Lisa M.

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