Las Vegas Wirelings / Wirelings otherwise going to the PJ show Sat.

Otto Kitsinger ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 21:19:50 -0700

Hi folks -

This is for Wirelings in the Las Vegas area and/or going to the Pearl Jam
show on Saturday. I managed to win a trip on KROQ to go, so I'll be up
there and if anyone would like to get together and see one of my 8x12 books
(has about 20 of my best U2 shots in it) and/or talk about the Vegas
PopMart or whatever, I'll be around part of Saturday before the show and
most of Sunday. I'm not bringing the book to the show, but I'll be not far
away on the strip.

Please email me quickly (by 11am Friday) since I won't have email access
after I leave here.



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