Re: "Rock's Hottest Ticket" on eBay

robert ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 22:22:14 -0700


     guess what?? i have the same cdr for sale for $17.00.(not
     including postage) why should someone subject themselves to
     bidding for the cdr? if a person really wanted the original
     artwork then all they have to do is ask and i can make laser
     copies for the same price. i also like to create covers for my
     cdr's from scratch and i think they come out pretty good,
     haven't had any for the cdr's, well i don't
     have an original boot, but my copy is pretty darn clear. what
     is the reason for making wirelings bid for something that is
     available off of boot sellers list?? what i'm try to do is
     make my collection available to all of you on wire who are
     interested and if i can be of help then so be it. i am glad to
     make this service available and so far from what i have heard
     from the people who buy from me, it has all been positive.
     another thing i try to do is trade with people as much as i
     can, i find this much more a fun thing to do then actually
     selling. don't worry, for what i pay for in materials(cdr
     media, software, printer ink, paper, pens, gas to go to
     various stores to purchase materials, wear and tear on my car,
     the list goes on and on....) to produce my cd's, my profit is
     pretty small, which to be honest, is the last of my worries.
     now i know that my collection of rare u2 items is probably not
     as big as yours, but that is not the real issue, the issue is
     the "rarity" of some bootlegs and why we should make these
     easily available to anybody and not make people(especially
     wirelings) jump through hoops in search of a "bargain".


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