U2, not me

Michael Wright, POPSTAR ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 22:49:56 PDT

Something that strikes me as funny is that U2, the band, never seem to
practice. Don't get me wrong, obviously they must practice for the tour
before it starts, but this is not what I mean... If you're in a band,
like me, you know that much of your time is spent in a small, crammed
room, try (usually futilely) to come up with some decent material to
play.. Now, I'm sure that U2 did this at one point in their early days,
but as we all know, U2 are famous for writing their new material in the
studio.. mainly off of improvisations.. However, Bono has said that
their new album will be written mainly outside of the studio, before
recording, so you never know..
I just thought this was strange, I mean, it would take some getting used
to, at least for me... but then, my band will probably never be another


"And you run with me, through the fields and to the trees.
Can you run with me, don't look back, you'll set me free.."

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