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Geraldo ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 14:09:10 +0200


I have for sale the following U2 cd's:

-"150.000"-2CD, Reggio Emilia 9-20-97.
-"2nd Night In Rotterdam"-2CD, Rotterdam 7-19-97.
-"Barcelona '97"-2CD, Barcelona 9-13-97.
-"Catholic Blues"-2CD, Belfast 8-26-97.
-"Clemson Poptour '97"-2CD, Clemson 5-16-97.
-"Denver Popsongs"-2CD, Denver 5-1-97.
-"Disconnect"-2CD, Sarajevo 9-23-97 Soundboard.
-"Elvis Birthday Party"-2CD, Wiener Neustadt 8-16-97.
-"En El Fin Del Mundo"-2CD, Santiago De Chili, 2-11-98 Soundboard.
-"First Concert In An Airport"-2CD, Rome 9-18-97.
-"First Nights In Europe"-CD, Rotterdam 7-18-97 & Cologne 7-27-97 Soundboard.
-"Future In Your Hands"-2CD, Capetown, 3-16-98.
-"Human Rights Day"-2CD, Johannesburg 3-21-98 Soundboard.
-"Last Night On Earth"-2CD, Paris 9-6-97.
-"Le Pop Mart In Paris"-2CD, Paris 9-6-97.
-"Lemon Breakdown"-CD, Oslo 8-6-97.
-"Liberte, Egalite, Karaoke"-2CD, Montpellier 9-15-97.
-"Live At Leeds"-2CD, Leeds 8-28-97.
-"Meximofo"-2CD, Mexico City 12-3-97 Soundboard.
-"Miss Sarajevo"-2CD, Sarajevo 9-23-97 Soundboard.
-"Not Coming Down"-2CD, Edinburgh 9-2-97.
-"Pop"-Picture Disc.
-"Popdream Believer"-2CD, Rotterdam 7-18-97.
-"Pop Goes Dutch"-2CD, Rotterdam 7-18-97.
-"Pop Home"-2CD, Dublin 8-31-97 & 8-30-97.
-"Popmarsians"-2CD, Mexico 12-3-97.
-"Popmart Cathedral"-2CD, Cologne 7-27-97.
-"Pop Mart Tour '97"-CD, Rotterdam 7-18-97 & Cologne 7-27-97 Soundboard.
-"Popmart Tokyo"-2CD, Tokyo, 3-5-98.
-"Pops & Chops"-2CD, Las Vegas 5-25-97.
-"Popsides"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Prisoners Of Consience"-CD, Rotterdam 11-6-97, New York, 6-7-97 &
                              Edmonton, Commonwelth Stadium, 6-15-97.
-"Rock"-CD, Rotterdam 7-18-97 Soundboard & Interactive Quicktime Movie.
-"Santiago De Chili"-2CD, Santiago De Chili 2-11-98 Soundboard.
-"Sao Paulo"-2CD-, Sao Paulo 1-31-98 Soundboard.
-"Sao Paulo Virtual"-2CD-, Sao Paulo 1-31-98 Soundboard.
-"She's Gone"-2CD, Dublin 8-31-97.
-"Shopping Eugene"-2CD, Eugene 5-6-97.
-"Sleepless In Seattle"-2CD, Seattle 12-12-97.
-"Stories About Eternety"-2CD, London 8-22-97.
-"SuperPopmartBarcelona"-2CD, Barcelona 9-13-97.
-"The Broadcasted Popmart"-CD, New York, 9-4-97, Reggio Emilia, 9-20-97,
                               7-27-97 & Rotterdam 7-18-97 Soundboard.
-"The Party Still Goes On"-2CD, Gothenburg 8-2-97.
-"The Supreme Court Concert"-2CD, Dublin 8-30-97.
-"Top Of The Pop"-2CD, Seattle, 12-12-97.
-"Virtual Attraction"-2CD, Los Angeles 6-21-97.
-"Viva Las Vegas"-2CD, Las Vegas 4-25-97.
-"Wake Up, London Poptarts!"-2CD, London 8-23-97.
-"When The Rain Comes"-2CD, Mannheim, Maimarktgelande 7-31-97.
-"Where Is Everybody?"-CD, Rotterdam 7-18-97, London 8-22/23/97.
-"Winkel Shopping"-2CD, Werchter, Festival Terrein 7-25-97.
-"Amsterdam Lovetown"-CD, Amsterdam 12-18-89.
-"An Electric Compagny On Stage"-CD, London 12-6-82 Soundboard.
-"Angel Of Rotterdam"-2CD, Rotterdam 1-9-90.
-"Astrodome Tour"-2CD, Houston 10-14-92.
-"Autumn Fire"-2CD, London 11-14-87.
-"Back Through The Mirror"-CD, Hamburg, Onkol Po 2-15-81.
-"Banana"-CD, Remixes.
-"Before The Fire After The Flood"-CD, Various Acoustic.
-"Berlin"-CD, Berlin, 11-4-81 Soundboard.
-"Bono Breaks Wind Over Boston"-2CD, Foxboro 8-23-92.
-"Bono Solo"-CD, Various Solo Tracks Soundboard.
-"Bono Solo II"-CD, More Various Solo Tracks Soundboard.
-"Boygroup"-CD, Berlin, 11-4-81 Soundboard.
-"Covering 'Em"-CD, Various Coversongs.
-"Dancing In The Park"-2CD, Nijmegen 8-3-93.
-"December XXVII"-2CD, Dublin 12-27-89 Soundboard.
-"Duets"-CD, Various Venues.
-"Favourite Mixes 2", Rare Remixes.
-"Forgotten songs"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"Free For All"-CD, Gothenburg, 6-6-87.
-"Grapes"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Hallelujah My Girl!"-2CD, Birmingham, 10-7-92.
-"Hands Of The Devil"-2CD, Rotterdam 1-5-90.
-"Heartbeat"-CD, Early Demo's & Outtakes.
-"Help"-CD, East Rutherford 6-15-86 Soundboard.
-"I Would Die For U2"-CD, Dortmund, 12-16-89.
-"In The Name Of Love"-CD, Save The Yuppie, 11-11-87.
-"Kiwi"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Mango"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Melon"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"More Melon"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"New Horizon"-2CD, Chicago, 4-29-87.
-"Newyears Eve"-2CD, Dublin, 31-12-89 Soundboard.
-"Orange"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Our Hometown"-CD, Dublin 6-29-85.
-"Paddies Out Of Control"-CD, Denver 11-8-87 Soundboard.
-"Papaya"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Party At Tiffany"-CD, Glasgow 3-24-83 Soundboard.
-"Pictures In Grey"-CD, Geleen, 6-8-81 Soundboard.
-"Pineapple"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Rare Tracks 1979-1993"-4CD Box, Rare Outtakes.
-"Rattle And Hum-2CD, CD copy of the "Rattle And Hum" CD-I.
-"Rock 'n Roll Street"-CD, Save The Yuppie, 11-11-87.
-"Rotterdam Lovetown"-2CD, Rotterdam, 1-6-90.
-"Thank You Too For The Fire-2CD, Milano, 2-4-85.
-"The Achtung Baby Working Tapes"-CD, Achtung Baby Demos Soundboard.
-"The Best Of U2 Vol.I"-CD, Various Album Tracks.
-"The Best Of U2 Vol.II"-CD, Various Album Tracks.
-"The Complete Boston Tapes"-2CD, Boston, 5-6-83.
-"The Complete Tour Rarities"-CD, Various Rare Songs.
-"The Dream Come True"-3CD Box, Various Rare Live Tracks.
-"The Joshua Tree On Fire"-2CD, San Francisco 4-25-87.
-"The Lost Broadcasts Vol.2"-CD-, Amsterdam 10-30-81 Soundboard.
-"The New Word(1979-1983)"-3CD Box, Hilversum '80, Boston '81,
      Werchter '82, Boston '83 and Red Rocks '83 All Soundboard.
-"The Remixes"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"The Silent Side Of U2"-CD, Various Acoustic Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part I"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part II"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part III"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part IV"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part V"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part VI"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part VII"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part VIII"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"The Ultimate 7"&12" Collection Part IX"-CD, Various Tracks.
-"Tracks Vol.I"-CD, Various Rare Tracks Soundboard.
-"Tracks Vol.II-CD, Various Rare Tracks Soundboard.
-"Two Hearts Beat As One"-CD, Dublin'82 War Demos Soundboard.
-"Ultra Rare Trax"-CD, Various Remixes.
-"Unforgettable Duets"-CD, Various Duets.
-"Unplugged"-CD, Various Unplugged Songs.
-"U2 Versus The US"-2CD, Los Angeles 4-22-87.
-"Watch More TV"-CD, Detroit 9-9-92 Soundboard
-"We Will Follow"-2CD, Brussel 7-8-87.
-"When We Were Young"-2CD, Rotterdam 10-30-84.
-"X-Mas At The Point Depot"-2CD, Dublin 12-26-89 Soundboard.
-"Zoocoustic"-CD, Various Acoustic Tracks.
-"Zootour"-2CD, Rotterdam 6-15-92 Soundboard.
-"Zooropa 1993"-2CD, Dublin 8-28-93 Soundboard.
-"Zoo TV From The Mixing Desk"-2CD, Rotterdam, 6-15-92 Soundboard.

If you are interested in this items and want to know the tracklist or
more about this items email me on this address: [email protected]

A lot of people are interested in bootleg cd's. But most people are interested
in good sounding one's and in honest information about them. I have created
a mailinglist with info about new cd's and good sounding older ones. If you
want to get this info send an email to the following emailadres:

[email protected]

Use as subject: subcribe U2 mailinglist, then you will get all the info you
Also if you need older cd's let me know your wantlist I might be able to help

                     Greetings Geraldo

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