Re: Boots for fans at reasonable prices...

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:26:55 -0400

> it's good to see that we can try selling/trading boots enjoyable for
> everyone. i'm sure most of you remember the pain(especially in the
> wallet) that you had to endure when first starting out in
> bootland(ouch!!!!!$$$$$). isn't this the "two wrongs don't make a
> right" theory that we are getting to?? some of us think "why shouldn't
> the newbies have to pay as much as we did??". do we have the license
> to say "well, i got screwed because i really wanted that boot, so i'm
> gonna screw the next guy. why not make it easier for the newbie collectors??
> it couldn't hurt that reality, i get the most joy out of
> hearing from someone who is satisfied with my boot product. it may not
> take alot of physical labor to put a cdr together, but the time it
> takes more than makes up for this. when all is said and done, you walk away
> with a smile on your face because you made someones day by sharing
> your collection....isn't it what it's all about????
> later
> robert

I agree! Trouble is, you people aren't doing it!
Charging $17 for a copy of copy, as you are Robert, is not worth it!

If you people REALLY want to be so "generous" then
trade straight up (as I am doing with some very good
traders on this list) or sell for cost of supplies only.
Don't be so hypocritical as to say, "Yes, let's drop
prices!" but then set your own price so that you make
a profit!

Personally, I don't necessarily agree that things should
be sold just for cost. It cost us money to get that CD-RW drive.
It cost us money to get supplies (which includes
the actual computer!). It cost us money to get the original
boot. It took time to make the copies. I'm not saying that people
should charge so much $$ that these expenses are recouped within
a few sales, but making a slight profit shouldn't be out of the
One could still keep prices low while making a profit.



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