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Mike Langley ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 11:52:15 PDT

>From my post yesterday many people have asked me about mp3 quality,
while I did email them privately I thought this information would be
valuable to the list.
        With an MP3 despite what many seem to believe it's not about the mp3
and wav file matching up bit for bit. The MP3 compression is just plain
lossy. MPEG audio sets a target bit rate for the output and tries to
make the best compromise in quality it can to reach that target. To
further explain this take a *.jpg image. A JPEG image throws away the
least important visual information by using "properties of vision", MP3
uses "properties of hearing" to discard audio. MP3 compression of about
11/12:1 without serious loss. However, the loss is there, it is audible
to listeners who know how to listen.

If the process were lossless, you could compress, decompress and
compress without loss of quality. That doesn't work with MPEG. Try it
for yourself, though it might take a couple generations before this is
clear to those with limited experience.

Back to work...

Michael Langley
AP Technologies

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