Oli G
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 22:06:01 +0200

sorry, I forgot to write this in my last post:

Remember in Sao Paulo, Bono asked the people of Brazil to win the soccer
world cup for Ireland. So since U2 are Brazil fans, that makes us wirelings
Brazil fans too, right?

And to all the Americans: Since U2 are soccer fans, that makes you soccer
fans too... Soccer is for sport what U2 are for music: they're the only band
that can make people go crazy everywhere in the world. Forget baseball, forget
basketball, forget football... Soccer is the sport that unites the world.
So if you're not into soccer, watch the final on Sunday (3 pm Eastern,
12 noon Pacific) and you will see an awesome game. And even if you don't like
soccer at all, you will still be able to sit in front of your TV and say
to yourself: "Cool, Bono, Adam, Edge & Larry are watching the same game
right now!!!"

So that's enough good reasons to watch that game and support Brazil...


Oli G

ps: what filled the O of POP during Pop Muzik? Not a baseball, not a football,
not a basketball, A SOCCER BALL! So there...

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