RE: dream duets

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Fri, 10 Jul 1998 17:23:56 EDT

Hello Everyone!

I would have to say that it would be absolutely awesome if Bono, or Edge, did
a duet with Robert Smith from the Cure.. they are both total hams. That would
just make my day!!!

And also, it would be just dandy if Bono did a Duet with David Bowie. I know
that they have sung together... that incident at the david Bowie concert, but
i would love to hear them do an actual recording together....

A few days ago i found Acthung Baby, the video with all of the music videos on
it... I had never seen it before, but I saw it, and absolutely had to have it.
I love all of the videos. These are the first music videos of U2 that i have
seen( I dont have cable, so i have only seen Discotheque, and New Years day)
and i liked them... though, i have finally concluded that i dont like the song
One... I dont know exactly why, but i cringe everytime I hear it... It haunts
me, and I really dont like it....but i loved the version of that video with
them all dressed up as women... that is the best!!!

Just thought I would drop in my word
thanks all

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