3rd Annual U2 Mailing List Amnesty Int'l Fundraiser!

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:10:44 -0400

It's that time of year again! WIRE's Amnesty International membership will
expire next month. So, I will now officially kick off this year's Amnesty
International Fundraiser. I'm calling it the 'U2 Mailing List' Fundraiser,
because I am opening it to all lists! (WIRE, EXIT, ONE, etc, etc...)
Donations are being accepted NOW! :-)

 I will set *no minimum* donation amount, just like past fundraisers. We
will set a date deadline, not a dollar amount, as a goal. AI was so very
appreciative of our past donations, I ended up telling the story of our
worldwide fundraisers to quite a few AI people over the phone! (one of the
times was the day I got back from RFK POPmart, and received a call from AI
when I was trying to sleep!) They were facinated with the story of a
worldwide internet fundraiser! :) Another person who was facinated by our
fundraisers was Cornelia in the NY office, who took care of us for last
year's Media Spotlight Awards dinner!

Just like past times, every dollar received will be accounted for daily as
I receive it in the mail, and at the end in a public tally. For this
reason, some people have opted for "code names", so that they would know
that I am accounting for their money, but they were still able to keep
their privacy if they wished.

Past years I accepted cash, checks drawn on US funds, or money orders drawn
on US funds. MOST people opted to send cash (wrapped up well) , especially
those outside the USA. I received donations from 12 countries. (How many of
you have seen currency from 12 countries mingling in one envelope? It's a
sight I will probably never forget!) As I did past times, I will handle all
of the conversion of foreign currency to US dollars- all you will need to
do is put the funds of your choice into the mail!

If you have any more questions about how this will go, ask me. But really
my goal, like all past times, will be to make it as easy for you to
contribute as possible- I will do ALL the work. And the other crucial thing
is that I insist on a procedure that mandates full public disclosure of all
money collected. This way, you will never need to worry about what is going
on with your money.


"How should I send this money?" - I will accept cash, or checks or money
orders drawn on US funds. My bank will not take money orders or checks NOT
drawn on US funds, and I will have to send your donation back to you if you
send it like that. For our friends outside the US wanting to donate, don't
worry about currency conversion- I will do that for you! Most people sent
cash past times, without incident- PLEASE just wrap it in a few pieces of
paper so that it is not visible outside the envelope, if you opt to send
cash. Please make checks and money orders out in *MY* name, you will see
the reason at the end of this post.

*BE SURE to include your return address, in case your donation must be sent
back to you!*

"Where should we send it?"- send to-

Heidi Dutton
189 Summer Street
Plantsville, CT 06479

I will post daily to the list stating what donations I receive in the mail-
to let you know your money arrived safely. I will post a NAME with the
amount recieved, so if you want to stay anonymous, you MUST tell me what
CODE NAME you want me to use. Just put that on a slip of paper in with your
donation. If I do not get a code name from you, I will use your real name!
This is important- the final public tally will also have the name you give

"How long will this thing run?"

Well, last time WIRE donated $1074....I want to beat that! And with 3+
lists and over 4000 people, I think we can. I'm giving this fundrasier a
month and a half, until around 8/31. This is a bit longer than past
fundraisers, with the specific intention of beating $1074.00. PLUS - if we
get over $1000, we can have 2 or 3 people represent us at the AI Media
Spotlight Awards in NYC in September!
"How will the donation take place?"

While we are collecting the money, I will notify Amnesty International that
we are planning to donate. Our contact was Jeff Zick in the NYC office. If
he is still there, he will remember us from the other fundraisers - he will
be most familiar with my requirements. What do I require? I require that
when I send AI our money, AI will send a post to this list stating exactly
how much I sent them, the check number, and the date they receive it. Then,
from the daily public tallys, to the final public tally, to AI, you
yourself can do the math and see that AI got every penny we collected. I
will send AI *one* check, so they only have to mention one check number in
their "receipt" to this list. It will be less of a hassle for them, and
they will be much more likely to comply with my requirement. And, it is
imperative that they do comply- so you can have the peace of mind of being
sure AI got all funds.

** Everyone who donates at least $1.00 (or the equivalent) will be entered
in a drawing to win a really great prize! I will give away a brand new
unread bubble-wrapped copy of the book "A Conspiracy of Hope" to the person
whose name is drawn! (I bought 2 copies last year- plan ahead, I always
say!) This is a great prize because it's not something that you can just
walk into the bookstore and buy!

***GIVAWAY** Everyone who donates $1.00 or equivalent will receive an
Amnesty International bumper sticker. It's the black and yellow one, I
have a ton of these left over from last year! I'm going to work on getting
a few more small goodies, I'll let you know when I get that far! :)

If you have any questions that I have not answered, please email me. As of
today, WIRE has donated @ $1300.00 to Amnesty International!

Questions? ASK! :)


"H-i-d-i...how do you spell 'Heidi'?...H-e-i-d-i..."

                Bono, 6/1/97

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