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Sat, 11 Jul 1998 00:15:22 EDT

 Well, 1st of all let me just say that this is my first post on this list as i
am new to the internet altogether. WOW! god its great to see all these U2
freaks i can finally talk too!!!!!:):):) Anyhoo, i read the post with the grad
quotes and mine is kinda-sorta along the same lines as that.
  I play professional hockey for a living(minor league, im signed with a
Double-A team but am also trying out with a triple-A team, wish me luck!) and
im a goaltender. This past season i had a pretty successful season and one of
the things i was known for was that i danced to the music during stoppages of
play.Now, i didnt do it for attention but it became quite popular for the fans
to enjoy and along with my success allowed me some pull with the music in the
arena.So i had them of course do the team intros to MOFO and it would psyche
us all up, most of the crowd had never heard it before because we play in a
smaller midwest city known for country music. Several articles were written
about me and the teams success and i'll have you know that i got u2 mentioned
in every one of them!!!
 well, to make a long story short, this season im going to paint my mask and
ive decided on either ...1) A discoball paintjob with the golden arch made to
look like its emerging from inside the discoball and its shattering the
discoball to pieces
                     or 2)I was contemplating having a solid black mask
with the word one written all over it in white in several different languages
ala the ONE video

i hope i didnt seem i was patting myself on the back to much in this post its
just that i get excited about the game and u2 and all that stuff! if anyone
has any better suggestions for a cooler u2 mask design please post it or e-
mail me at [email protected] Also, im lookin to get my hands on any Popmart
cd or video bootlegs. thanks for bearing with me and i look forward to reading
all these awesome posts!

          Did you come here to play Jesus...?......I did....:)
                                                          Al in Tx

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