Thanks to the St. Louis Wirelings that came to the Laser show.

Erwin Auer ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 00:08:44 -0500

Hi Wire,
        I'd just like to thank Aaron (hope I spelled that right) and Angela for
going to see the laser show. It was great meeting you guys and I hope you
had some fun. ( I know it didn't compare to the November 8th concert in
any way, but I tried.) Hope to see you guys at the next U2 concert in St.
Louis ( hopefully within a year or two) Thanks again.
        *Also if anyone has copies of the Rattle and Hum Outtakes and is willing
to make copies for me let me know your price. Thanks in advance. *

" I can lose myself, you I can't live without" - Red Hill Mining Town

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