Concert seats on floors in US

Mike Prevatt ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 01:11:51 -0700

To the guy asking about floor seats at American gigs:

As much as it sucks, at most arena and stadium shows in the US there are
seats on the floor. I think this mainly has to do with possible lawsuits
from crushing and rough behavior (i.e. moshing, stage diving, crowd
surfing). You all know how lawsuit-happy Americans tend to be. I remember
only going to one show at an arena or stadium and there was general
admission below the stage, and that was for the Smashing Pumpkins a couple
of years ago. Usually though everyone stands up on the floor, or on the
seats, or some fans even fold the chairs down and create their own general
admission area. It depends on the age and initiative of the crowd. I went to
a Morrissey gig at UCLA's arena in '91 and Morrissey asked that everyone
rush the stage. Well, it became a gen admission area real quick but security
stooped the show as a result and a riot ensued where like 50 people got
hurt. Hard to say what seating arrangement would have been safer. I must
say, I see footage of British bands playing, say, Wembley or Glastonbury or
Reading and I get excited just seeing a huge massive crowd below the stage
jumping up and down and all.


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