Sunday Bloody Sunday.........

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 10:26:59 PDT


 Ok so I havent read the digest in like 2 weeks *slaps wrist*, but thsi
is still the best place to get in touch with y'all.

  Yeah Ok so tonight I went to see a U2 coverband called Sunday Bloody
Sunday. They ROCK! (hmmm or maybe its just cause they play U2....) *Hiya
Sunnie and Sunnie's friend whom I have already forgotten your
name...sorry* Anyways the boys like the audience to participate alot,
you know singing the "whoa oh oh oh's" during Pride, the
AIWIY, etc. Tonite for some reason (I suspect it was everyone getting
reaaaaally pissed on the other side of the bar), during their first set
their "Bono" wasnt getting much reaction from the crowd. Im standing
there thinking *these shoes are reallllly uncomfortable* and *All the
Sydney WIRELINGS should come see them one night and just blow them

  So thats what I want to do. Get all you guys together (and I can see
you hiding in the back there...) and go get some serious U2 fix!(I HATE
having to say this but over 18's only). I figure two weeks is enough
notice. That makes it Saturday 25th July...although I wont know where
exactly they will be playing untill the Thursday(23rd) before. I have a
sneaking suspicion that they will be playing at the Grand Hotel Bondi,
and that they'll be onstage at about 9.45pm . More details later!
  If your interested in me NOW! Anyone who has their
doubts about the quality......they seriously are pretty damn
decent......or U2 coverbands in general, you wont know till you find
out!! We could probably organise to have dinner or sumthin first if you
guys want......Im always reading about these WIRE gatherings around the
place and I figure ITS OUR TURN SYDNEY!

Cause watching "ZooTV Live From Sydney" just isnt enough,
P.S. Living in Sydney isnt compulsary for this outing. If you can get
here your more than welcome!lol.

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