Favorite "Pop" Song

Paul Hewson ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 17:14:57 PDT

Hey WIRE, this is pretty cool. I don't know if all of you know this or
not, but, at the Seattle Popmart concert, Bono thanked all the WIRE at
the end of the show, I've got the bootleg, pretty cool. I was just
interested in seeing what everyone's favorite song off "Pop" was?
I'd have to say I like "Please" the best overall, "Staring at the Sun"
is no doubt a great song, and they should have made "Gone" a single,
great song...especially live. I saw U2 for the first time last year in
Chicago, blew my mind, about 5 months later I went to the St.Louis
Popmart, which was even better. I just have to say that U2 is the best
band of all time, and Bono is the coolest guys ever next to Jesus. Later


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