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Sat, 11 Jul 1998 22:15:11 EDT

In response to the message GO BRAZIL ! I want to say this:
i wouldn't call the members of u2 brazil fans.They are friends with brazilian
player romario (who was left off the team).if they are rooting for the
brazilian team, it's because the irish national team did not qualify for the
world cup.
And another thing i want to point out.you feel just because u2 is rooting for
brazil that we should also,and that u2 are soccer fans and that also should be
soccer fans.if the members of u2 jumped off a bridge,does that mean you would
also jump off a bridge ?? god gave the power of free will, you should use it.
you shouldn't go around liking certain things just because members of u2 do.
know what i mean ??
i'm not trying to disrepect you or flame you, i'm just stating my opinion.
i am fan of soccer myself,and i will be watching the final sunday (rooting for
france! ) along with billions of other people across the world.
by the way, my 2 favorite teams were knocked out of the cup(holland and
And i hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HATE !!!!!!! the brazilian team.i know they will
most likely win the cup, but i hope that france destroys brazil.
thats all for now....bye
good luck to france !!!

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