Re: Re: Concert seats on floors in US

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 18:41 +0200 (MET)

                        Hi you all !

Mark wrote:
>Hey Wirelings,
> Personally I love seats on the floor. I saw Garbage at the Roseland
>Ballroom last month without seats, standing room only, at its really
>hard to tape and see anything, especailly if there are thousands of
>people there.
> Seats basically make it you call first, you get better seats. :) You
>don't have to show up 8 hours early (even if you have floor space) to
>- -hope- to get good spot on the floor and hope not to get smashed. Just
>my thoughts...

        As an european fan, maybe it's because of that, i disagree BUT i
don't want to flame him ! I've always had the choice between seats and floor
(shows here almost always are general admission) and i've always chosen
floor. This place is so special for die-hard fans like me. Because of that,
we have to wait very very long times before coming into the stadium/arena
but i always appreciated these waiting hours. There are only die-hard fans
there and we can chat with everybody, even if we don't know them. There is
the same atmosphere than at a football game (like tonight !). The crowd
always is nice, warm, friendly...And during the shows there is a sort of
communion and we also feel more connected to the band than sitting people
who are farther from the stage than us. BTW, i think it's just a question of

        PS: hi to all latin american fans here, who were so hot during U2
shows !

        In the name of love


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