Band of The 90's?? (probably not)

Craig Heyrman ([email protected])
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 14:14:27 -0500

U2 was the band of the 80's, and they've most certainly been one of the most
consistent, and best selling bands of the 90's, but will they win awards in
about a year as the Band of the 90's. It would be great if the won it back
to back. However, for whatever reason, they've fallen out of the "real
cool" category, and I'm afraid that they won't win it. However, they've
probably made more money touring than any band during the 90's. I'd say
that there only chance to win the band of the 90's would be if they come out
with another album in mid 99. (Realistically, this won't happen.)

So what does everyone think. Who will win the award as best band of the
90s? (U2, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Dave Matthews, Beck, Oasis, Weird Al??????)

As far as the rumors about U2 working furiously right now on a new album,
isn't there ANYONE on the Wire who has serious connections, or anyone from
Dublin????? If someone out there is in Dublin or nearby, just go drive
around and find out. Rumors suck. I could probably make up a story that U2
is making a Rap/Gospel album and in a week there probably would be a couple
of hundred thousand people believing it. I would love for U2 to make a new
album, but with their track record, I am not expecting one to finally come
out until after the turn of the century. (Look at Pop-it was delayed, and
delayed, and delayed...and we have yet to hear an official word that they
are even working on an album. And let's not forget that Bono blamed the
lack of mega-success of Pop on the fact that they were pushed to finish the
album!) Unless everything just clicks, don't expect them to come out with
another album for a while. However, I wish they would.

Also, does anyone know who does the rap at the end of the Howie B, Hairy B
Discotheque Mix? Is that Bono???

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