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>From Muzic.com:

Tribute To Late INXS Singer Planned

A week after Paula Yates was admitted to a private clinic, when she was found
in a distraught state at her London home after a reported suicide attempt, comes
that news that the remaining members of INXS are planning a Michael Hutchence
tribute concert to raise money for Yates and Hutchence's daughter Tiger Lily,
who is nearly two.

According to the BBC, some of the world's biggest draws are being asked
to perform their favorite INXS song as a tribute to the late singer, who
committed suicide, by hanging himself with his own belt in a Sydney hotel
room last November. So far, the show's organizers have invited Elton
John, U2's Bono, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and
Tom Jones. When muzic.com contacted U2's press office, they could not
confirm Bono's involvement, but we have heard from Bono's intimates that
it would be likely that the singer would be involved in anything that would
benefit his old friend and neighbor. It is strongly rumored that the forthcoming
full-length U2 video, due out this October, will include footage from the
band's Mexico City concert, which contains their homage to Hutchence.

 -Jaan Uhelszki
There is a short piece on Bono and the peace process in this month's
Rolling Stone.
Condensed from www.theden.com:

Our Generation Survey Results

 The Our Generation Study was conducted by the den:
 daily entertainment network from April 28 - May 19,
 1998. 16,499 US residents completed the entire survey.
 All responses were collected and tabulated by World
 Research Inc, San Jose, California at their survey

The following results represent the responses of the 15-24 year old
core study group.
For more information about the study, please email Mary Firme,
[email protected]

 most important albums for our generation:

 1. Nirvana: Nevermind
 2. Metallica: Master of Puppets
 3. Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
 4. Pearl Jam: 10
 5. U2: The Joshua Tree
 6. Pink Floyd: The Wall
 7. Guns 'N' Roses: Appetite for Destruction
 8. Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream
 9. Alanis Morrissette: Jagged Little Pill
 10. Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death
 11. Puff Daddy and the Family: No Way Out
 12. Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced?
 13. Led Zeppelin: IV
 14. No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom
 15. Green Day: Dookie
 16. Wu Tang Clan: Enter the Wu Tang
 17. Dave Matthews Band: Under the Table and Dreaming (tie)
 17. Aerosmith: Aerosmith (tie)
 19. Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine
 20. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Thanks to Dave Shorr for this info.
>From CNN:

INXS Plan Gig for Tiger Lily
World Entertainment News Network


Australian rockers INXS are planning a massive concert in aid of
TIGER LILY -daughter of their late frontman MICHAEL

Top names including SIR ELTON JOHN, U2's BONO, DAVID
BOWIE, IGGY POP and TOM JONES will be invited to take part.

The show, to be staged in Britain or America next year (99), will be a
tribute to Hutchence who was found hanged by his belt last
November (97) in a Sydney hotel room.

BEAUTIFUL GIRL guitarist TIM FARRISS was prompted to begin
organising the gig by the recent suicide attempt of Hutchence lover -
Tiger Lily's mother -PAULA YATES.

He says, "She has really suffered. Paula hasn't handled Michael's
loss at all."
I've changed my poll. (Okay, there's a joke in that sentence. I'm
going to just let everyone make their own joke and email them
to me...)

This week's poll question is "How many U2 fans does it take to screw
 in a lightbulb?"
U2 will not be in Denver, Colorado tommorow. The Denver Post
had reported that they would be there, but retracted the article
the very next day.

Thanks to Matt Sebastian for the note.
>From The Irish Times:

Rich and famous make their homes in Dalkey

Many celebrities have bought properties in the Dalkey-Killiney area
By Louise East

It's not a place that would immediately spring to mind when listing off the
playgrounds of the rich and famous. St Tropez, Beverly Hills, the Virgin Islands...
Dalkey? Yet in recent years more and more celebrities, of both the home-grown
and international varieties, have been snapping up properties in the Dalkey-Killiney
area. Musicians seem particularly fond of the Dalkey area. Just think what the parish
choir would be like if attendance were compulsory for residents.

Two U2 boys, Bono and The Edge, live in Dalkey, with Bono notoriously
buying the gate lodge as well as the main house when he bought Temple Hill, his
stunning place on the Vico Road.

Jim Kerr of Simple Minds, who used to rent Cliff House in Killiney, bought it
outright when it came up for sale about two years ago, while singer Lisa Stansfield
bought her place, Mount Henry, in Dalkey, four or five years ago. Enya, who fell for
Ayesha Castle but never moved in, lives in an apartment in the area nonetheless.

Where there are celebs, there's money, and where there's money, there are fast
cars. However, in Dalkey they tend to be faster than most, as there's a brace
of racing car drivers in residence.

Damon Hill and his wife, Georgie, were the first to move in when they bought
their gorgeous period house on Killiney Hill Road, and their example was
shortly followed by Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine, who plumped for Kilross
Cottage overlooking Sorrento Terrace.

Martin Birrane, the Irish-born but London-based owner of Mondello Park,
also lives locally in his place, Kenah House. Film director Neil Jordan is another
famous Dalkeyite. He's on the multi-million-pound Sorrento Terrace,
as is property developer Robin Power and his wife, Michelle Kavanagh.

TV personality Gloria Hunniford also fell for Dalkey's charms, buying an
apartment in the prestigious Bartra development, while playwright Hugh
Leonard and best-selling novelist Maeve Binchy represent both the literary
side of the Dalkey crew and some of Dalkey's more established residents.

Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson and, more recently, actor Frances McDormand
and her husband, director Joel Coen, have all rented in the area.

Business folk have also flocked to the area. Gavin O'Reilly and his wife,
Alison Doody, bought up Bartra House for 2.9 million two years ago;
businessman Fonzie O'Mara took over Renata Coleman's place, Monte
Alverno on Sorrento Road, when she moved to Humewood Castle, and
solictor Gerald Kean and his wife, Clodagh, and promoter Denis Desmond
and his wife, Caroline, live in adjoining castellated houses on Strand Road.

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