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Michael Wright, POPSTAR ([email protected])
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 19:33:56 PDT

I'm not sure I understand something, so here it goes:
Most people (U2 fans, at least) are hoping that when u2 comes out with a
new album and goes on tour, the tour will be like the "old u2" i.e.
smaller venues, smaller stage, more intimate feel, etc. But what I don't
understand is that "Popmart" is exactly like that description, when
compared to Zoo TV. You see, in my opinion, Zoo TV was a great big show,
a play even (rather, musical), with 3 acts. But PopMart was just a
concert just like the JT tour, the only difference being the great big
screen, which is only an enhancement, an aide to the show (adding color,
pictures, and shots of the band for audience members further out in the
crowd) You say you want things to return the the way they were but is
that really logistically possible? And how far back can you go? if you
eliminate the b-stage and big screen you get a show that offers no perks
to the audience member, except to just plain see the band (you'd end up
getting a crap-show, something like matchbox 20).. In my opinion, a U2
concert should be something special, coming from the GREATEST BAND EVER.
U2 has always been cutting-edge and the stage show should keep up with
the music, and so far U2 has really been on top of things..

that is all,

"But I left by the back door, and I threw away the key"

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