Melbourne Soundcheck Comments

J ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:05:45 -0700 (PDT)

     Finally, the Melbourne soundcheck has been out in MP3 for
downloading. We now all know the truth about the pretensious and
impossible comparison of that one to Salome. The sound quality is
simply awful and I would like to thank the people who have put it out
on Mp3 so that the truth could be told. While mp3's are far from CD
quality, they can easily be a good gauge for the actual sound quality
(and my computer is connected to a Technics amp and speakers).
Melbourne simply doesn't pass the test and U2 aren't in as much into
it as they were in Hershey or in Hansa. Speaking of soundchecks, the
Hershey soundcheck and the SF 4/25/87 soundcheck have marginal sound
quality at best but compared to the Melbourne soundcheck, they're
infinitely better (although Danny tried to claim that Melbourne had
better sound).

     This leads me to comments on all the Aussie boots of Danny. I've
seen numnerous trading sites who rate all their boots with A+, A++,
and all those + and - ratings. The best Danny Best boot was only a B
while the rest were B- (considering the fact that these traders always
"overrate" their boots). I'm sure all of the people who have
obtained the Danny Best boots are now regretting on getting an
inferiorly taped bootleg (but that's the only one available so there s
no choice).

    What has made me feel sad are those people who didn't care much
about the shows but simply bought the bootleg on the basis of Danny's
false claims. He claimed that Melbourne was infnitely better than
Sarajevo, which is the most improbable thing I have heard after
hearing the Melbourne bootleg and comparing it to Sarajevo. Of
course, others bought that boot because they were in the show.

    Danny hasn't been advertising in Wire anymore. Either he has been
kicked out or maybe no one is purchasing from him anymore, so he
figured out advertising falsely won't get him anyware anymore unless
he chances upon a helpless, unsuspecting newbie in Wire.

    Well, this puts to rest all my previous flames about Danny. Hope
this is my last....

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