My Wish List, Dream Duet, Fave Line & 'One' on the Beach!

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Mon, 13 Jul 1998 11:44:59 -0400

Hi Wirefriends!

Just catching up on my lists. Been busy with summer fun! =o) Anyway, I
would love, I mean *love*, to get a hold of a copy of the R&H Outtakes. Is
there anyone out there (preferably from Canada, like me) who could do a
cost of tape and postage exchange with me? Also, does anyone have one of
those green T-shirts from Popmart with the lemon and the shopping cart on
it they'd be willing to part with? Well, that's my U2 stuff wish list, for
now. *Fingers crossed*

My dream duet would also definitely be Bono and Sarah McLachlan. They sing
and write lyrics with the same soul. I quite often put U2 and Sarah in my
CD changer together, their music just goes so well together. It's cool that
other Wirelings feel the same way. I noticed this ages ago, Sarah McLachlan
was on Muchmusic here in Canada long before she became internationally
successful. I always thought Bono and Sarah should do a duet. Maybe, just
maybe it will happen someday!

And, I know this thread is getting old, but my fave line......(this is so
very hard to do, been thinking about it for days off and on. Bono is a
lyrical genius, but you already knew that!) If I have to pick it would be
"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me....if I
rejoice." The world within us is really the only thing we can change, but
by changing ourselves within, we change the world outside us. That is an
awesome lyric, a life changing one if applied, yeah.

To the person who posted about hearing 'One' covered in a bar......YES!!
Hearing a cover of U2 when you least expect it is the best. We were on the
beach and there was this group of kids just down the beach from us with
guitars. They were playing different things, it was early evening and the
beach was no longer crowded. All of a sudden I hear "Is it getting better,
or do you feel the same?" It was awesome to hear 'One' covered on the
beach, waves gently crashing on the shore, golden late-day sun on the
water. And I just happened to wear my "Smell the flowers......One" T-shirt
as a beach cover up that day!! My daughter put it on while they played
'One' and danced in it along the shore. We all loudly applauded when the
guy finished singing. He laughed and took a bow for us!! Just thought I'd
share my fave U2 cover song moment with you, cause I know you all

Well, I had better go now, this is fast becoming the LONGEST post to Wire I
have ever made! Thanks for the rambling space, guys!

Faith, Hope and Love,


"I never set out to change the world, just to change my own world."

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