Bono's voice

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 12:44:39 -0500

rob okorn wrote:
+AD4-Bono's vocals: they've deteriorated substantially from his peak 80's
+AD4-years and I'm not only talking about range, there's also vocal tone.

I agree just listen to anything from the Joshua Tree tour and then a Popmart show. There is a BIG difference.
Bono's voice isn't getting better he's lost the range, the tone, the feeling. It's sad really. I don't know if it's from his smoking or what.

and on another note

+AD4-Pop the album was not a challenging record, in fact it was blatantly
+AD4-commercial and accessible to the masses......
+AD4-.......I guess my musical taste has changed toward more creative eclectic obscure
+AD4-artists who don't have an ounce of pretense. If you prefer generic
+AD4-commercialism with predictable hooks and melodies, by all means go
+AD4-ahead, you've just bought a product rather than real music.

I take it you don't like Pop? As far as Pop being commercial um..... no it wasn't. You're probably one of those people who say U2 sold out. U2 made Pop because they wanted to. They like electronic/techno music hence them forming Kitchen Records. I get mad when people bash Pop. How can you say Pop isn't real music? Pop IS the real thing. The songs sound different but the messages behind them remain the same. U2 still has the same integrity the same soul. Pop is pure genius in my opinion. A musical marvel. Even if you take away all the loops and samples you're still left with really, really great music. (just listen to SATS acoustic) Pop by all means is music and great music at that.


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