Re: jt vs popmart, to me its STILL about the music!

Scarlet Eyes ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 20:33:30 EDT

I was lucky enough to see 1 UF show and 2 JT shows. IN MY OPINION, JT
(and even UF) were FAR superior to AB or POP shows. Those that agree
with me know what I mean...It was a different time, different music,
different emotions, different band...Bono was naive, wide-eyed and
humble, extremely humble, even during JT. We as fans were different
people, it was the 80's for God's sake! (that was a joke) When I first
started reading Wire, I couldn't believe how many people preferred AB to
JT, it was actually shocking to me! But the longer I was on Wire, I
realized that AB means to some of the younger fans, what JT meant to me,
both musically and spiritually. And the same goes for those who prefer
POP over AB. I venture to say that the connection that I felt with JT
is the same type of connection others feel with AB, or even POP. It's
very subjective. It was about the music then, and it's still about the
music, there's just a giant lemon that blocks your view sometimes.

I've conquered my past...The future is here at last
I stand at the entrance...To a new world I can see

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