(A Sort of Homecoming) Important info!

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Mon, 13 Jul 1998 22:02:09 EDT

Greetings, all you lemon-scented U2 people!

This is a reminder that the final deadline for A Sort of Homecoming
registration and payment is coming up on July 22nd.

If your money and registration are not in our mailbox on July 22nd, you won't
be going.

If you have already emailed Liz your registration and snail-mailed your money
to Liz and Mike, then you ROCK! Give yourself a gold star!

The official ASOH dates are August 28-30, but we have secured the rate for
August 27-31 in case anyone wants to come early/stay late. The general
registration rates for ASOH are as follow:

GENERAL REGISTRATION (paid on or by July 22nd)
people 2 nts. 3 nts. 4 nts.
1 $250 $349 $444
2 $153 $201 $250
3 $138 $180 $221
4 $131 $169 $207

REMEMBER: This includes hotel, a wild party, and a shirt. It does not include
food. Registration w/o hotel is $30.

If you want more info on ASOH rates/activities/policies, you can do one of two

1) email Liz at [email protected]
2) visit our snazzy (but sometimes tempermental) web page at
http://members.aol.com/iluminaria/lau2party.html, which has the same info that
Liz would send you via email if you emailed her.

Below is a registration form if you want to go. Simply copy, cut and paste,
fill it out and email it to Liz ([email protected]), and then print it and
snail mail it (along with your registration money) to the following address:

A Sort of Homecoming
attn: LIZ
2912 El Camino Real
Box 419
Tustin, CA 92782

Here's that form:

Name (first and last):
E-Mail Address:
Screen Name (if applicable):
Mailing address:
Phone number:

Person to contact in case of an emergency:
Phone Number:
Relationship to you: (i.e. mother, father, aunt, uncle)

Hotel/Roommate status
How many people would you like to room with? (Number of roommates is NOT
If you already have roomies lined up, please list their names:
Do you smoke?
Can you room with a smoker?
Do you need/prefer to room only with people of your gender?
Any special needs at ASOH (near/away from an elevator, away from ASOH room
block, etc.)?
Are you in need of a carpool situation?
What are your arrival and departure dates?

And that about does it! There are a lot of really cool WIRElings and other
assorted U2 freaks coming to ASOH, so get that registration in and join us!
It's going to be WILD!!!!

:), ASOH organizers

>From AOL chat U2 ROCKS:
Iluminaria: U2 Freaks make good lovers. hehehe!
GonePOP: Then call me Don Juan!

AnCatDub: I just hope its not like 110 degrees down there, lol
Iluminaria: LOL
Iluminaria: Hey, I'm personally looking forward to the pool...and getting in
the hot tub with Brian.

PS. Brian...should we call to reserve the honeymoon suite? ;)

And a word from ASOH's own Fist Mate:
Jasonl23: Yo ho ho and a bottle of cum...

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