Hold on, I've got an idea!

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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 01:37:45 EDT

Well, after searching the net high and low and hearing all this talk about
what a cd-r SHOULD be sold for, I came up with an idea. It goes as follows,
this offer is to those who have a cd-r and want to sell me some of yoru cd-
r's. Well, the goal of it will be (at least for me in this post) to find
people, maybe a couple, who can provide a boot of some show, then if they want
to sell a copy to me (PLEASE!) they email me with a price, thus driving the
seller to compete against eachother, sorta like our economy?!? hell i dont
know that much... well, here goes...

I am looking for:

-the fruit remixes
-mexico city popmart dec 3rd
-any US zoo tv shows with excellent sound

well, if this works i will hopefully have about 8 billion emails in my mailbox
when i wake up, but i am not getting that excited... :o) well, please send me
your offer, cause as I said, if its the best, or maybe the best sound, I would
forsure be interested................ if its the right price... :o)

thanks again,

-will sandstad
 [email protected]

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