I can't take a pee, without thinkin' of U2!

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:27:36 PDT

Whenever I walk in the bathroom, I see a can of my step-brother's
shaving cream called EDGE. Then, there's also a little LEMON night
light plugged in.

And as I was in that bathroom today, and I was starin' at the night
light, ya know what I just thought of? I live in a LEMON orchard!!!
LEMON! Holy cow! Why didn't it dawn on me before??? My step-dad's a
farmer, and I've got millions of lemons growin' in my backyard! WOW!
I'm surrounded by `em. How cool!

So, ya see, not only do I think of the fabulous, all mighty U2 when I'm
in my room, driving in my car, etc., but I think of them when I gotta
GO! I love it. Whatta bathroom!

Nikki =)

Your love was a light bulb hangin' over my bed!
       BABY, BABY, BABY! Light my way!

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