What pisses me off...

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 01:01:32 PDT

Ya wanna know what pisses me off?

It's that U2 got shit from some critics for their "new sound." The
techno-ish sounds they put together, which I say kick ass. Many didn't
think it was the typical "U2 music." OH, WHATEVER!

Now Madonna comes out with tunes like "Ray of Light, " and the critics
go "OOOOH! AAAAAH! A new Madonna! We like it!" Well pardon my
french, but all I have to say is BIG fuckin' deal.

Why are the critics so accepting of Madonna's little techno songs
(which, I'll admit, I do like...), but they were so critical and
judgemental with POP?

I DO like Madonna.... but I'd take U2's music over her's any damn day.
These critics must have their heads up their arses, or somethin'.


"...and a fucked up world it is, too."
                                  - the B MAN!

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