MP3 cd $50!!!!! What the *&^&

Trueman, Mark ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 09:15:48 +0100

Yo wirelings,

Im sorry to have to bring up the old ripping people off argument again
but im afraid that this Rafael guy is ripping people off with his mp3
cd. I am in no way saying that this guy is a bad trader, im sure he is
as reliable as the next man. All im saying is that for $50 that mp3 cd
is a total ripoff. I was one of the first people to produce mp3 cd's. I
was selling 2 cd's for $20, this guy is selling 1 cd for $50. Not only
that, but he has the gall to put the albums and singles on the cd that i
expect the majority of the people on this list already have. Not only is
that ripping us off, it is also ripping off the band because they will
still make money from people buying their albums and singles. The other
side of the coin is putting bootlegs on an mp3 cd. This is great,
putting many bootlegs on one cd and pissing off all the people who sell
bootlegs for an extortionate price. But charging $50 dollars for a cdr
that costs $2 at the most to buy defeats the whole point of MP3. OK, so
it's fine to make a bit of profit on the mp3 cd's you produce, just to
cover the amount of time and effort you have to put into it, i sold
about 25 mp3 double cd's and made about 30 dollars, that's just over a
dollar on each one. I figured that was fair as it took me a long time to
encode my bootlegs, i had to pay for covers, cd-writer, plus i invested
in the bootlegs to start with.

I just think that people should be charging as little as possible for
bootlegs in mp3 format. If people keep charging low prices for mp3, the
bootleggers will be forced to bring down prices and that will be a bonus
for everyone.

Lets make it cheaper to listen to U2, not more expensive.....

Just my $0.02

BTW, most of the mp3's on his cd can be downloaded at
anyway, that's probably where he got them i the first place. Also,
Rafael claims that he has 23 hours of u2 music on this cd at high
quality. If you encode MP3 at cd quality you can only fit on 10.5 hours
on one cdr. If he has encoded them at an appropriate quality level to
sell to us then this should be a 3 or 4 cd set!!!!

:-)Mark Trueman - The Mirrorball Lemon Man:-)
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