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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 07:46:53 PDT


  While reading Nikkis (VALID!) post about critics having their heads up
their arses.....I thought immeadiately of what Bono says the one journo
during the achtung vid. He says (and I paraphrase) "You guys want me to
be a hero.....but if I accepted you'd crucify me". Which is true enough.
Critics are just that.....and they make money by crucifying our heros.
Enough to make me NEVER consider journalism as a career (no offense any
journos out there).Happy Belated B-Day (for the 11th) Nikki, BTW.

 I have so far recieved NO responses to the suggestion that the Syd
wirelings should get together to see "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in a couple
of weeks, and all I can say is : Im going anyway (lol).

  Im watching M2 (the new MTV in europe thingy) online right now and
PLEASE (live) IS PLAYING!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! Ok Im over it
:o) Thankyou whoever chose these 14 songs......Ahhhhhhhh the vid just
froze on Adams face...

  Speaking of Adam........for all you Adam fans out there, Ive started
up a webring dedicated to sparky. the URL is Check it out!

Get up off your knees now,

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